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A History of Timeshare Continued
1976 - Interval International forms. Becoming the Second largest exchange company.

- Timeshare develops throughout the world with Western Europe developing the fastest. Sheraton, Ramada and Westin all become part of the industry. Larger companies buy them out during the 1990’s.

1984 - Marriott joins the timeshare industry with Marriott Vacation Club.

1985 - Likewise, Four Seasons joins too.

During the 1990’s
- Trading Places (that started as a full service Travel agency in southern California in the 1970's) becomes the third largest exchange company.

1991 - Disney starts Old Key West Resort at Walt Disney World.

1992 - The San Francisco Exchange company emerges, seeking a high end timeshare client. Hilton Grand Vacation Club is starts.

1994 - Hilton Grand Vacation Club opens The Flamingo in Las Vegas, Nevada.
1997 - Cendent Corporation purchases RCI while another company called Dial an Exchange starts in Australia.

2000 - RCI introduces RCI Points.

- USA Interactive acquires Interval International

- Wyndham becomes the Parent Company of RCI.

2016 - Marriott International purchases Starwood Hotels

- RCI announces it is acquiring DAE, placing it under the Wyndham Umbrella. Wyndham announces it will be splittiing into two seperate publicly traded companies; the hotel division and the timeshare divisions.

RCI has over 4 million members in addition to over 5240 resorts located in over 100 countries.

Similarly, Interval International has over 2 million members with almost 2500 resorts in over 75 countries around the world.

America has the most timeshare owners with 45% of the total owner base, as well as the most timeshare resorts for any country being 1500.

There are over 9 million weeks of timeshare owned by over 7 million households.
Eight out of ten owners are satisfied or very satisfied with their ownership.

**Authors note: Timeshare is known by many names including but not limited to timeshare, timesharing, vacation ownership, holiday ownership, interval ownership, vacation insurance, alternate ownership.
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