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Chinese-Western Dating
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We as timeshare owners demand more from life. 
We strive for the best and enjoy life to the fullest.
We expect finer things and understand that friends, family, and seeing the beautiful world we live in are what truly matters.
Our experiences are unique and our memories are filled with wonder and awe.
We are world travelers that possess a knowledge of culture, language and understanding that our non-traveling piers lack.
www.timesharesocialclub.com is a community that allows its users to share their experiences about travel, owning timeshare, or the resorts they've stayed in.
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There's a link to Timeshare Alley which contains a travel blog sponsored by timeshareadvisor.net. Timeshare Alley includes travel tips in a fun and informative manner.  It features timeshare reviews as well writings from an expat that has lived in America, Mexico, Australia, Thailand and China during the past 15 years. This is a family friendly blog and we believe there's something there for everyone.

The newest member of our timeshare community is The Timeshare Way. Here you'll find exciting offers from resorts around the world, offering 7 night 8 day stays for as low as $99.00.

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Timeshare Social Club. A site dedicated to people sharing their holiday experiences.  Make friends with like minded people. Share information about the best resorts you've stayed in. Tell abot the company you own with, or share and learn fun things to do once you're there.

Timeshare owners demand more from life. They strive for the best and enjoy life to the fullest. They expect finer things, and understand that friends, family, and seeing the beautiful world we live in, are what truly matters.Their experiences are unique and their memories are filled with wonder and amazement. Come share your experiences and be a part of the Timeshare Social Club Community today.


Find out where it all began.
Find out where it
all began