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The Complete Guide to Timeshare May-27-2010
The most comprehensive book ever written on the Timeshare Industry.  Whether you are looking to purchase your first timeshare. are an owner wanting to know how to use what you own, or a sales professional looking to  learn the "tricks of the trade".  This book is a must to own.  Please click on The Complete Guide to Timeshare to purchase your copy today.

Attraction Marketing System is a site that is dedicated to the Education of Timeshare owners and Sales Representatives alike. It is's goal to give you all the tools you need to sell timeshare, rent timeshare, trade timeshare,and use the timeshare you own. It also give's all the sales tools to the professional sales people in the timeshare industry to help them understand and sell the career path they are on. Find out what timeshare isand how it works. Find the most complete history of timeshare and find all the timeshare exchange companies that are at your disposal today.

Here you will find a link for the most comprehensive book ever written on timeshare. It can decipher what you own, or what would be the right program for you to purchase, whether it be RCI Points, Internal Points, Fixed week, Floating week, etc. It can help you avoid timeshare scams and explains the process for you to cancel timeshare purchases. How do I rent my timeshare? How do I trade my timeshare? How do I buy a timeshare?Should I use a timeshare broker or do it myself? All of these answers and more will be found in this book. For the timeshare professionals it has all the presentations and work related scripts used in the industry today tohelp you become successful in your chosen profession or to guide you in setting up your own timeshare resort.

Click thetraining tabfor a free excerpt from the book"The Complete Guide to Timeshare"and receive a free
Timeshare sales training presentation that is being used in the industry today. Itcovers the intent statement, order of the day and the proper questions to ask during the presentation.This presentation has been very successful for us and we hope it can give you some of the tools you need tosell more of this product and help your clientsfulfillall of their travel and vacation dreams.

There is a timeshare users group for Timeshare owners around the world to correspond about their experiences, the places they have stayedas well asthe methods they have used to get the most out of what they own. Theforum alsoincludes a place for the timeshare professionals to keep in touch and share their experiences of the places they have worked and of the places where they have been. After all, since we have lived in these countries we have a lot of knowledge to offer on where to go and what to see. We have also included a forum for owners and sales professionals in hopes that any questions you have about atimeshareownershipyou own can be answered. This is thetimeshare users groupthat Timeshareadvisor staff will spend most of its time in, helping owners to get the most out ofthe timesharethey own.

There is also a free classified section to help you buy timeshare, rent timeshare, sell timeshare or trade timeshare. This can help in finding those timeshare deals and in your timeshare promotion. You can also buy fractional ownership, rent fractional ownership, sell fractional ownership or trade fractional ownership.We are still newin the offering of classifieds and hope you will take advantage of our limited time free postingsfor the most visibility you can get onthe web.

We have recently added a blog in order to share our experience while traveling around the world and working in the resorts that are found there. This will include travel tips in a fun and informative manner as well as timeshare reviews, and other writings that we have done over the years. This is a family friendlyblog and we believe there is something there for everyone.

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